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Group14 Technologies Acquires Schmid Silicon in Milestone European Expansion

silane plant schmid silicon group

About US

Silicon production technology is our core competence

Schmid Silicon Group is a technology leader in advanced silicon material. We utilize our proprietary technology and industrial experience for providing leading-edge solutions to our clients.


In collaboration with SCHMID Group, we are delivering essential innovations to support our clients' success in diverse segments including electric vehicles and photovoltaics. 


Electronic grade polysilicon produced at SPP qualified as 11N+ purity material 




Company foundation



We Deliver Exceptional Solutions and Support Your Innovations  

Silicon Nanopowders   for Anode Applications

The future of mobility is electric and nano silicon is a key ingredient of high performance EV batteries for fulfilling the market requirements in terms of cost, driving range and charging speed.  

We are here to help your innovations set benchmarks for the next generation high performance batteries.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable and cost competitive source for your high volume SiNP demand or developing a cutting-edge silicon based anode, we have the solution to meet your need. 

EV with silicon anode battery
silane polysilicon plant schmid silicon

Silane and ultra high purity polysilicon

High purity silane and polysilicon are principal material used in the PV segment. 

We are supporting our clients with process and plant technology for production of silane and ultra high purity polysilicon. Our preoperatory technology enables superior material quality and highly competitive production cost.

In Europe, we supply silane gas to PV and battery material segments.

Silicon based nano material for emerging applications

Our technology enables productions of customized silicon based nanopowders for a wide range of applications including emerging technologies in photonics, solar photovoltaics and medical areas.  

In addition to customized SiNP we can support our customers with high purity silicon carbide and silicon nitride nano powders.

We work closely with innovation driven companies, research institutes and universities worldwide to develop next generation technologies.      

SiC nanopowders, silicon nitrid nano powderse



Headquarters, Engineering and R&D

Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH
Schmid Silicon Technology GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 32-34
72250 Freudenstadt

Tel +49 7441 538 0

Schmid Silicon Group HQ
Schmid Silicon Group production plant

Production plant and R&D

Schmid Polysilicon Production GmbH (SPP)


Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe
Strasse I, Nr. 1
02979 Spreetal OT Spreewitz

Tel: +49 3564 38684 712

Umwelt und Sicherheit 

Environmental protection and safety

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