Schmid Silicon Technology (SST)

SST is a technology, engineering and service company specialized on consulting, design, production and maintenance of full systems, part systems and single equipment for the Polysilicon and Monosilane production.

The company has developed a unique production process for the production of monosilane and polysilicon on monosilane basis, which it uses itself in its own production facility (SPP). This enables its customers to produce a very cost competitive, high quality product thru a very easy to run process.

Responsible, customer-oriented and forward-looking

The history of our success so far is also closely linked to our company structure. SST Group is an owner-managed company. Our business approach is forward-looking, led by technology, and involves great passion and commitment. We assume corporate social responsibility for all of our employees, who return this with loyalty to the company. Our decision-making processes are short, we operate fast and flexible. We keep close contact to our worldwide customers, and work out taylor-made solutions on a day-to-day basis.