<h1>Economic Viability</h1><h2>Environment-friendly energy generation at a highly competitive price</h2><h1>Innovation</h1><h2>Disruptive Technology for the protection of natural resources</h2><h1>Working Together</h1><h2>SST Group: a strong team for our customers</h2><h1>Efficiency</h1><h2>Maximum utilization of available resources</h2><h1>Excellent Quality</h1><h2>Sustainable energy supply of future generations</h2><h1>Experience</h1><h2>Certified technology & field experience for sustainable customer success</h2>

Schmid Silicon Technology was the first chemical plant construction firm to build its own polysilicon production plant, Schmid Polysilicon Production (SPP). › Continue

Solar industry one of the main pillars of renewables

Leading solar analysts from IHS, Bloomberg (BNEF), NPD SolarBuzz and others expect 55 up to 60GW PV demand. ›more

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How Determined are you about Energy Saving?

Until 2010, more energy was needed to produce solar modules than electricity would be generated by them when installed. In 2015 ...

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