SST Group has the following locations:

The company has its headquarters in Freudenstadt in the Northern Black Forest, offices focused on customer projects in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, and a production and R&D site Schmid Polysilicon Production(SPP) near Dresden, Saxony. There, in our most modern laboratory, you also find one of the only three Bruker Optics‘ CryoSAS Systems in Europe.

SPP, next to the production of high quality monosilane and polysilicon, serves as a competence center for research, development and operator training. At SPP the numerous patents of SST are tansformed into new techologies and products.

Currently SST Group has ca. 150 employees worldwide. 

Schmid Silicon Technology Holding (SSTH), Freudenstadt
Schmid Polysilicon Production (SPP), Saxony