Schmid Silicon Technology

SST is a technology, engineering and service company specialized on consulting, design, production and maintenance of full systems, part systems and single equipment for the Polysilicon and Monosilane production.

The company has developed a technology for the production of polysilicon based on monosilane gas, which works significantly different than the conventional TCS Siemens process. Compared to conventional methods, the SST process has low production costs, is easy-to-run, and offers excellent quality with the end product.

According to customer demands, SST is marketing its single equipment, plants and plant-units in taylormade units or as an entire package.

SST has been set up in the year of 2006 and since then invested in R&D to further optimize its production and process know how, as well as single equipment, which are protected through a comprehensive patent library. Our research goal is the reduction of total costs while simultaneously increasing quality. 

SST is the only technology supplier who invested in its own production plant for polysilicon and monosilane (Schmid Poysilicon Production).