Monosilane Safety

In comparison with other media commonly used to produce Polysilicon (e.g. STC, TCS and HCl), Monosilane has to be considered as no additional or extraordinary source of risk and can be handled safely under a state of the art engineering and plant operation.

→Monosilane accidents as a rule are related to improper handling of gas cylinders caps. The high pressure leads to a large output of monosilane gas, which results in an explosive volume.   

→In the SST process, the pressure is extremely low, the amount of monosilane gas which may escape through such a leak is so small that it will start to burn immediately without accumulation. 

→There are no operations on an “open end”, as is inevitably the case with gas cylinders    which have to be opened and closed all the time.

SST conforms at least to German process safety regulations. If minimum safety regulations in another country are specified differently, SST will conform additionally to the safety regulations in that country.

SST publication on Monosilane Safty: